Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2017

ThousandOpportunities.net a new opportunity on the internet!

The website ThousandOpportunities.net is based on an original idea that had its origins back in the year 2005, and will provide thousands of opportunities to their advertisers.

 Internet advertising is abundant, but few have been the web sites that have organized it in a way that is as original as developed by the young british Alex Tew in 2005, called Million Dollar Home Page.La idea was to sell blocks of pixels so advertisers there publish their content.
After four months, Tew was able to sell all pixels with a value of USD $1 each one, and fill your grid of ads.
Today in 2017, twelve years after the idea, young entrepreneur internet and Argentine audiovisual producer Miguel Alberto Cuello, has resurrected that idea on their new web site http://thousandopportunities.net that will aim to fill the grid of 1 million pixels with ads.

The idea of Cuello, as well as being an excellent opportunity for those who wish to join the most varied Internet ads porch, has numerous advantages as a l…

Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher

Reynolds had been hospitalized this afternoon after suffering a heart attack.

Debbie Reynolds, famous for his role in 'Singing in the rain', died Wednesday at age 84, a day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher, news media reported. "Reynolds was born on urgency to a hospital in Bervely Hills, then that he suffered a stroke, said the TMZ celebrity website." She wanted to be with Carrie,"said his son, Todd Fisher, quoted by the specialized magazine Variety, hours after that, distraught by the death of his daughter, collapsed and was hospitalized.

Carrie Fisher, catapulted to global fame as the rebel Princess Leia in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack during a flight between London and Los Angeles four days earlier. Quoting unidentified family sources, TMZ said that Reynolds was in his son's House to discuss arrangements for the funeral of Carrie."
Thanks to all those who embrace the gifts and tal…

A dead body found in apartments in North Phoenix

The Phoenix Police Department homicide detectives are investigating the discovery of a corpse, near the Saratoga Ridge apartments North of Phoenix.
Police believes, on the basis of circumstantial evidence that this is a homicide, although so far is not clear anything about the case.

Agents went to the building located near Bell Road and 16th Street on Saturday 17 December, where the body had been found.
Until this moment not suspected, nobody in particular. The causes of death, which will be in charge of the forensic service of the Maricopa County, will determine the course of the investigation.

The flying priest dies

SAN PABLO, Brazil-

The body of the priest Adelir Antonio de Carli, who disappeared more than two months ago to try to beat a record of flight subjected to 1,000 party balloons, was found 100 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, on the high seas.
The body of the priest was found Thursday by a tugboat of the Brazilian company Petrobras. The oil company reported yesterday the discovery, and said that Anna Gabriela tugboat found the corpse of the cure and that it still had the flight crew.

The 42-year-old man was missing since last April 20, when he tried to fly attached to balloons inflated with helium. It had departed from Paranagua, a State located in the South of Brazil, and was headed for Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, near Paraguay.De Carli misestimated the winds and traveled to the area of the coastline, which lost contact with Earth.
The priest had a GPS location device, but from the air, by his cell phone, had warned that he did not know how it worked. The priest was deflec…

Requesting information on the water, in Concordia

Starting this year, the turnover of the EDOS stopped being bimonthly to become monthly.

Given this circumstance, it was hoped that moving to a system of monthly payments, the values should represent half of the bi-monthly amounts from the previous year. But it is not so. New ballots require to pay for one month figures similar to that formerly paid for two months and in some cases even much higher figures. Therefore, the increase in the rate has been for other notorious, circumstance that, coupled with excessive variations in the prices of other services, generates a very serious impact.
 Within the complaints received the CCISC Associates, there are percentages of increase ranging from 70 to 125%. For properties that do not have water consumption meter, to the be estimated it based on square meters property, values have climbed while they observe any proportion.

In the case of properties they have water meter, relieved cases agree that taken measurement of consumption during the prec…

DayDog, the new social network for dogs

DayDog, a new social network where the protagonists are not humans, are dogs.

Founded in Germany at the beginning of this year and after two months of work, the social network Daydog.de has been released to the public.

In it, users can register and share pictures and videos of their dogs, as well as also interact with other users. Although for the moment the social network is available only in German language, it has a simple, elegant and well-intuitive design.

Without a doubt, http://daydog.de is a site which we will have to keep track.