Requesting information on the water, in Concordia

Starting this year, the turnover of the EDOS stopped being bimonthly to become monthly.

Given this circumstance, it was hoped that moving to a system of monthly payments, the values should represent half of the bi-monthly amounts from the previous year. But it is not so. New ballots require to pay for one month figures similar to that formerly paid for two months and in some cases even much higher figures. Therefore, the increase in the rate has been for other notorious, circumstance that, coupled with excessive variations in the prices of other services, generates a very serious impact.
 Within the complaints received the CCISC Associates, there are percentages of increase ranging from 70 to 125%. For properties that do not have water consumption meter, to the be estimated it based on square meters property, values have climbed while they observe any proportion.

In the case of properties they have water meter, relieved cases agree that taken measurement of consumption during the preceding months, which shows a clear irregularities. It further notes that, if taken into account article 18 in the rates Ordinance, the expected additional time suffered an increase of 100% to collect the same amount that was once per quarter, monthly.
Year after year we have endlessly repeated the need to achieve equity in the field of services and health services cannot escape this pretense.
Thus, complaints and claims of a sector of the community are broadly justified.

In other provinces and cities in our country, such increases have had adverse judgments and have due back in order to convene and hold public hearings so that both the State and the companies explain the reasons for the increases to the society and detailing how they would be carried out.


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