a new opportunity on the internet!

The website is based on an original idea that had its origins back in the year 2005, and will provide thousands of opportunities to their advertisers.

 Internet advertising is abundant, but few have been the web sites that have organized it in a way that is as original as developed by the young british Alex Tew in 2005, called Million Dollar Home Page.La idea was to sell blocks of pixels so advertisers there publish their content.
After four months, Tew was able to sell all pixels with a value of USD $1 each one, and fill your grid of ads.
Today in 2017, twelve years after the idea, young entrepreneur internet and Argentine audiovisual producer Miguel Alberto Cuello, has resurrected that idea on their new web site that will aim to fill the grid of 1 million pixels with ads.

The idea of Cuello, as well as being an excellent opportunity for those who wish to join the most varied Internet ads porch, has numerous advantages as a life time that will have the site, guaranteed for the next 5 years, as well as the lower cost of the pixels on the original web site, since sold to only USD $ 0.10 each pixel.
Thus, a person who wishes to promote themselves, or to publicize your website or blog, and also shops or companies needing to advertise their products or services, can purchase for example a block of 1,000 pixels for only USD $100, a figure that is incredibly cheap, especially if you consider that the ad will be online for 5 years!

Thousand Opportunidades comes to give the possibility to those companies and individuals that did not exist or did not have knowledge of that web site developed by Tew in 2005, today, to 2017 can add to this particular and original idea and advertise your products, services or what they want. is a web site that will speak during 2017 and which should not lose sight of it.


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