Earthquake in Iquitos, perú

A strong earthquake shook Iquitos past noon today and alarmed the population of Loreto. The quake also San Martin felt in Tarapoto, the region. The quake was recorded at 12:49 p.m. and its intensity was of scale III in Iquitos.segun unveiled the Institute Geophysicist of the Peru - IGP, via Twitter, the quake had a magnitude of 6.2.

The epicenter had 142 kilometers deep and was located 113 kilometers of Pastaza, in Loreto.El movement was felt in the cities of Yurimaguas, Iquitos, Nauta, San Lorenzo and other population centres in Loreto.

Hundreds of workers left their offices frightened by the shaking of the Earth, because they are not accustomed to the tremors in this part of the country, reported El Comercio in Loreto collaborator, Daniel Carbajal.El National Institute of Civil Defense - Indeci, through the center of operations of Regional emergency staff (COER), not yet reported so far personal injury or material after the earthquake.


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